Event Name: Austism Puzzle Walk
When: April 28th, 2012
8:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Where: Chalco Hills Recreations Area
Omaha, NE
General Information: Central Garrison has been invited to appear at the Autism Puzzle Walk at Chalco Hills Recreations Area in Omaha, Nebraska on April 28th.
Event Coordinator: TK-09675 - Chris Haave
Garrison Attendees: TR-00750 - John Jaeckel as Royal Guard
TK-04563 - Jim Schustek as Stormtrooper
CT-05579 - Jesse Cain as Clone Trooper (ROTS)
TK-09406 - Brian Nelson as Stormtrooper
TK-09433 - Ryan Ihnken as Stormtrooper
TK-09675 - Chris Haave as Stormtrooper