Event Name: Banquet Troop: Emergency Food Pantry of Fargo
When: August 18th, 2018
Where: Emergency Food Pantry of Fargo
Fargo, ND
General Information: We are partnering with the Emergency Food Pantry on a food drive to help out Fargo and the surrounding community. This will include photo ops, a grill lunch with donations, and much more.
Event Coordinator: - -
Garrison Attendees: ST-00750 - John Jaeckel as Shoretrooper
TS-01325 - Classified Private as Snowtrooper
ID-01375 - Jason Neurath as Officer: Director Krennic
IC-03812 - Matthew Mesa as Imperial Crewman
ID-04909 - Maria Cutshall as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
ID-09238 - Rachel Neurath as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
GM-10166 - Thomas Schwartz as Galactic Marine (Mygeeto)
TX-14241 - Shelly Schwartz as Special Operations
TS-15875 - Merritt Hosley as Snowtrooper
TI-17111 - James LaGreca as TIE Pilot
IC-18620 - Reid Christensen as Imperial Bridge Crew
IC-19985 - Kathryn Beierle as Imperial Bridge Crew
TR-21883 - Katrina Hosley as Royal Guard
NO-26908 - Emily Beierle as Non-501st Armor
ID-34365 - Andrew Biederman as Imperial Officer
TI-42710 - Kyle Klemme as TIE Pilot
IC-52686 - Nathan Brown as Imperial Bridge Crew
TS-56757 - Nathan Quick as Snowtrooper
TK-62888 - Jordan Aggen as Stormtrooper
TB-70188 - Afton Palmer as Biker Scout
IC-72795 - Alexander Kallmeyer as Imperial Bridge Crew
IG-72813 - Derek Whalen as Imperial Gunner
DZ-80396 - Richard Carman as Tusken Raider
TB-91414 - Joshua Rhoads as Biker Scout