Event Name: Special Rogue One screening with DONATION!
When: December 31st, 2016
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Where: Edgewood theater
lincoln, NE
General Information: Meet and greet with medical group prior to screening during their breakfast

Donation: Citylight Church - $1000
Event Coordinator: BH-47074 - Colin Oestreich
Garrison Attendees: BH-12170 - Eric Richardson as Greedo
ST-17111 - James LaGreca as Shoretrooper
ID-19910 - Kelly Schultze as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
SL-31060 - James Schultze as Darth Vader
ST-47074 - Colin Oestreich as Shoretrooper
DZ-58078 - Adam Basye as Gamorrean Guard
IC-70188 - Afton Palmer as Imperial Bridge Crew