Event Name: Bowie Sessions and Lynn Wloszek's Wedding
When: May 9th, 2015
Where: Private
Roseville, MN
General Information: Private event
Event Coordinator: DZ-90484 - Bowie Sessions
Garrison Attendees: ID-00172 - Kevin Doyle as Imperial Officer
ID-00796 - Stacie Mossey as Imperial Officer
SL-00805 - Jonathan Penland as Darth Vader
ID-03797 - Jim Mossey as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
NO-04679 - Rick Rietow as Non-501st Armor
NO-05447 - Steve Fuchs as Non-501st Armor
TK-10230 - Anthony Sonifer as Stormtrooper
TK-11468 - Jesse Edberg as Stormtrooper
NO-18589 - Lyndsey Hall as Non-501st Armor
RC-26969 - Todd Murray as Republic Commando
TK-91224 - Aaron Lilyerd as Stormtrooper
TR-94574 - Sara Lilyerd as Royal Guard