Event Name: St. Cecilia Cathedral Centennial Parade
When: October 6th, 2007
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Where: St. Cecilia Cathedral
Omaha, NE
General Information: The Central Garrison and Imperial 80th Squad have been invited to participate in the "largest parade to be held in Omaha this year". Here is the information we have so far:

Start Location: Mutual of Omaha Parking Lot (35th & Dodge St)
Set-up/Assembly time: 2:00PM
Placement: 8th Division
Parade Start Time: 3:00PM
Parade End Time: 4:00 - 4:15 or so
Additional information: "There will be a Laidlaw bus available to shuttle you back to your cars, or, if hungry or thirsty, their is an ethnic food festival starting at 4:30, a beer garden, and other cool beverages available."

From my understanding there are supposed to be over 100 entries in this parade. I don''t know what 8th Division means. The parade coordinator is going to be dropping off the parade packet today or tomorrow. When I have that I''ll scan it in and you''ll know what I know. This would be a great opportunity to get those less active members in the area out trooping!

On a side note, I''m not planning on limiting costume representation this year. If you''ve got it, wear it! We''ll make it work.

Oh, and here''s the information I found about this parade, courtesy of KETV.com
"Trace the steps of 10,000 men and women who marched from 19th & Farnam to 40th and Burt Streets on October 6th, 1907. Our parade, just as one hundred years ago, will celebrate the diversity of all those who came to Omaha seeking a new life. The Vanguard of the parade will begin from the historic starting point at 2:30 p.m. meeting marching bands, ethnic groups, horse and buggies and antique autos at Mutual of Omaha at 3:00 p.m. All will converge at the Cathedral Plaza to celebrate the laying of the Cathedral Cornerstone. Don''t miss it--you wont see a parade like this for another one hundred years!"
Event Coordinator: TK-00750 - John Jaeckel
Garrison Attendees: TB-00134 - Michael O'Connell as Biker Scout
TB-00750 - John Jaeckel as Biker Scout
TK-01375 - Jason Neurath as Stormtrooper
TK-03443 - Matt Severa as Stormtrooper
IG-04909 - Maria Cutshall as Imperial Gunner
TK-05107 - Jason Schuett as Stormtrooper
SL-09160 - Robert Carmichael as Count Dooku
TK-09675 - Chris Haave as Stormtrooper