Event Name: May 4th A New Hope showing
When: May 4th, 2022
8:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Where: Fargo Theatre
Fargo, ND
General Information: Surprising movie goes as they leave Star Wars: A New Hope. Plans changed, trooped before movie and greeted guests.
Event Coordinator: TS-56757 - Nathan Quick
Garrison Attendees: TI-32527 - Richard Wilcox as TIE Pilot
IC-41041 - Abigail Petersen as Imperial Bridge Crew
CC-52686 - Nathan Brown as Clone Commander: Vill
SL-56757 - Nathan Quick as Darth Nihilus: COTF
TB-73991 - Tucker Aronson as Biker Scout
TK-81672 - Todd West as Stormtrooper