Event Name: Saint Elizabeth Troop
When: May 4th, 2019
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Where: CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Lincoln, NE
General Information: They are doing a Starwars theme to help kick off a new unit that they will be doing. We just get to show up and be awesome like always!
Event Coordinator: - -
Garrison Attendees: TS-05579 - Jesse Cain as Snowtrooper
ST-17111 - James LaGreca as Shoretrooper
CC-19262 - Lily Sikora as CC: Kamino Security
NO-21210 - Adam Turner as Non-501st Armor
SL-31072 - Mike Taylor as Darth Maul
TI-42710 - Kyle Klemme as TIE Pilot
TD-44707 - Mark White as Sandtrooper
NO-58078 - Adam Basye as Non-501st Armor
SL-62301 - Classified (Private) as Darth Vader
NO-68486 - Lindsey Trout as Non-501st Armor
TB-70188 - Afton Palmer as Biker Scout