Event Name: NerdinOut Con 2
When: August 10th, 2019  to August 11th, 2019
Where: Graham Arena Fairgrounds,
Rochester, MN
General Information: Central garrison will be running a both at the con, posing for photos and interacting with fans.
Event Coordinator: ID-65000 - Robert Schubert
Garrison Attendees: DS-11972 - Jeremy Horn as Kylo Ren
NC-12247 - Jennifer Schubert as Non-costumed handler
IG-15293 - Neal DeYoung as Imperial Gunner
CT-24677 - Mike Giralico as Clone Trooper (ROTS)
ID-27456 - Jonathan Butler as Imperial Officer
DZ-32713 - Heather Bradley as Jawa
SL-44515 - Douglas Smith IV as Darth Vader
TB-52108 - Kelly O'Laughlin as Biker Scout
TS-65000 - Robert Schubert as Snowtrooper