Event Name: The Last Jedi Premiere Weekend
When: December 14th, 2017  to December 16th, 2017
Where: Flix Brewhouse
Des Moines, IA
General Information: Central garrison will be posing for photos and interacting with fans.
Event Coordinator: CC-12230 - Stephen Townsend
Garrison Attendees: IC-05144 - Derek Duncan as Imperial Scanning Crew
TI-06205 - Joe Knapp as TIE Pilot
TI-12230 - Stephen Townsend as TIE Pilot: Original Trilogy
IG-50265 - Brad Feingold as Imperial Gunner
CT-64430 - Jonathan Toney as Clone Trooper (TCW) (Phase 2):
DS-91986 - Cody Templeton as Kylo Ren