Event Name: Free Comic Book Day
When: May 6th, 2017
Where: Paradox Comics-N-Cards
Fargo, ND
General Information: Central garrison will be posing for photos and interacting with fans
Event Coordinator: TI-01325 - Classified Private
Garrison Attendees: TD-01149 - Kirby Schwartzbauer as Sandtrooper
TS-01325 - Classified Private as Snowtrooper
NO-03812 - Matthew Mesa as Non-501st Armor
SL-09837 - Classified (Private) as Darth Vader
TS-10574 - Todd Sheppard as Snowtrooper Commander
NO-26908 - Emily Beierle as Non-501st Armor
NO-72813 - Derek Whalen as Non-501st Armor