Event Name: Iowa Braille Challenge
When: January 28th, 2017
Where: Iowa Braille School
Des Moines, IA
General Information: The event was everything I had hoped it would be! We got to bring a whole new dimension to Star Wars characters for some visually impaired fans, some of whom have never actually seen the movies the way we do. The way their faces lit up when they got to feel our helmets, blasters and armor, well, that look sums up everything that is great about what we do. Sharing and promoting Star Wars, contributing and doing something great for our community, though small, this event had it all!
Event Coordinator: TK-09772 - Christopher Andrews
Garrison Attendees: CC-09772 - Christopher Andrews as Clone Commander: Fox
TK-10772 - Chris Scott as Stormtrooper
NO-11869 - Arthur Smith as Non-501st Armor
TI-12230 - Stephen Townsend as Tie Pilot: Reserve Pilot
TK-50613 - Matthew McSweeney as Stormtrooper
TB-82011 - Shannon Andrews as Biker Scout