Event Name: Sanford Children's Hospital Visit
When: November 5th, 2016
Where: Sanford Children's Hospital
Bismarck, ND
General Information: Central Garrison will be visiting the Sanford Children's Hospital to take photos and interact with fans
Event Coordinator: TD-91414 - Joshua Rhoads
Garrison Attendees: ID-03812 - Matthew Mesa as Imperial Officer
NC-10033 - Mel Knowles II as Non-costumed handler
TI-10574 - Todd Sheppard as TIE Pilot
NO-12867 - Jon Howard as Non-501st Armor
TK-20000 - Dave Mathisen as Stormtrooper
NO-26908 - Emily Beierle as Non-501st Armor
TK-55426 - Kurt Eggers as Stormtrooper
NO-80396 - Richard Carman as Non-501st Armor
NO-82082 - Kristopher Heid as Non-501st Armor
TB-91414 - Joshua Rhoads as Biker Scout