Event Name: ACME Comics Micro-Con with Peter Mayhew
When: June 21st, 2008
Where: ACME Comics
Sioux City, IA
General Information: The Central Garrison and Imperial 80th Squad have been asked to lend a hand at garrison and squad member Kevin McGarry''s shop in Sioux City. Acme comics will be hosting Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew. The troopers will be holding and Imperial Training Academy for the kids. Activities will include raffles, trivia, lightsaber training, vendor booths, face painting, and many other activities.
Event Coordinator: TX-03966 - Kevin McGarry
Garrison Attendees: TB-00750 - John Jaeckel as Biker Scout
TK-01517 - Ian Musgrave as Stormtrooper
SL-01576 - Dave Mondo as Darth Vader
TR-01788 - Fran McGarry as Royal Guard
TK-03443 - Matt Severa as Stormtrooper
TK-03808 - Sam Cheek as Stormtrooper
ID-03966 - Kevin McGarry as Imperial Officer
IG-04909 - Maria Cutshall as Imperial Gunner
TK-05107 - Jason Schuett as Stormtrooper
TK-05179 - Dave Naber as Stormtrooper
TB-09153 - Nick Swanek as Biker Scout
NO-09160 - Robert Carmichael as Non-501st Armor
TK-09420 - Casey Slack as Stormtrooper
TK-09675 - Chris Haave as Stormtrooper
TK-09772 - Christopher Andrews as Stormtrooper