Event Name: Lucasfilm Casting Call, Verizon
When: December 2nd, 2015
Where: Mall of America
Bloomington, MN
General Information: Escort a delivery of Star Wars Google Cardboard viewers into a Verizon Destination Store at the Mall of America as we deliver Google Cardboard to consumers with Star Wars VR content, pose for photo and video ops with consumers and media.
Event Coordinator: TK-00750 - John Jaeckel
Garrison Attendees: TK-00796 - Stacie Mossey as Stormtrooper
NC-03797 - Jim Mossey as Non-costumed handler
NC-11282 - Lynn Sessions as Non-costumed handler
TK-15015 - Paul McArthur as Stormtrooper
TK-20000 - Dave Mathisen as Stormtrooper
TK-42020 - Jared Kellar as Stormtrooper
TK-91224 - Aaron Lilyerd as Stormtrooper