Event Name: Anoka Halloween Parade
When: October 25th, 2014
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Where: Anoka
Anoka, MN
General Information: Central Garrison and the Wolf Pack Squad will be once again taking part in the Anoka Halloween Parade. Look out for as and say Hi.
Event Coordinator: SL-05447 - Steve Fuchs
Garrison Attendees: TS-03797 - Jim Mossey as Snowtrooper Commander
SL-04999 - Steve Carter as Darth Vader
SL-05447 - Steve Fuchs as Emperor Palpatine
DZ-05836 - Ryan Dahlen as Tusken Raider
DZ-09516 - Amanda Fineran as Jawa
TK-91224 - Aaron Lilyerd as Stormtrooper
TR-94574 - Sara Lilyerd as Royal Guard