Event Name: ACME Mini-Con
When: June 21st, 2014
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Where: ACME comics
Sioux City, IA
General Information: The special Star Wars actor/guest that we will have this year is Felix Silla - Retah the Ewok from Return of the Jedi, Twiki from Buck Rogers and Cousin Itt from The Adams Family.

Besides visitors getting the chance to meet Felix, I have been talking to John J and he is going to be a HUGE help with getting the outside games for the kids of all ages set-up. We are still working out some details so any ideas that we can get would be great!

For those who have not been down to a ACME Star Wars Mini Con before, we close off the entire parking lot and fill it with games for everyone to come play. Afterwards we all relax at a dinner/party.

So, I am putting out the invite to all 501st, Rebels, Mercs and Droid Builders to come on up to ACME that day to come play and have fun with a TON of kids while help raising money for a great charity. I'm thinking the Peter Mayhew Foundation or the June E Nylen Cancer Center, but I am not sure yet.
Event Coordinator: TX-03966 - Kevin McGarry
Garrison Attendees: TR-00750 - John Jaeckel as Royal Guard
TK-01375 - Jason Neurath as Stormtrooper
TR-01788 - Fran McGarry as Royal Guard
IC-02235 - Tom Rohlf as Imperial Crewman
NO-03443 - Matt Severa as Non-501st Armor
NC-03966 - Kevin McGarry as Non-costumed handler
IG-04909 - Maria Cutshall as Imperial Gunner
TK-05107 - Jason Schuett as Stormtrooper
TI-07924 - Tricia Schuett as TIE Pilot
SL-09160 - Robert Carmichael as Darth Vader
ID-09238 - Rachel Neurath as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
ID-10421 - Jeff Schipman as Staff Officer (Black Uniform)
BH-47074 - Colin Oestreich as Boba Fett
NO-58078 - Adam Basye as Non-501st Armor