Event Name: March of Dimes
When: April 26th, 2014
Where: Como Park
St. Paul, MN
General Information: Wolf Pack Squad and Central Garrison have been invited to the March of Dimes "March for Babies" to interact with fans and pose for pictures.
Event Coordinator: TK-09721 - Mike Fessler
Garrison Attendees: TK-00172 - Kevin Doyle as Stormtrooper
TD-01931 - Dallas Poague as Sandtrooper
TB-09721 - Mike Fessler as Biker Scout
SL-09833 - Matthew Bastyr as Darth Maul
TR-10337 - Dana O'Gorman as Royal Guard
NC-11282 - Lynn Sessions as Non-costumed handler
DZ-90484 - Bowie Sessions as Tusken Raider